8621 Zamárdi, Rétföldi utca 11.
+36 30 2394 572
fullhouse [AT] fullhouseapartman [DOT] hu

St. Christopher's Winery

St. Kristóf Winery and Event Center, Zamárdi

  • Event and training center
  • Winery
  • Restaurant
  • Display cellar
  • Village pantry
  • Borkert
  • Event pavilion

    Advance check-in and table reservations are always recommended.
    8621 Zamárdi, Lower cellar row 4602/1 hrsz.
    Tel .: +36 30 335 3553, +36 70 638 2202
    Email: stkristofevent [AT] gmail [DOT] com
    Opening hours: HV: 12: 00-20: 00
    In case of group booking at a different time.
    Advance check-in and table reservations are always recommended.
    GPS: 46 ° 52'18.6 ″ N 17 ° 56'20.8 ″ E

    Parking lots:

    From the lower cellar row: only for a limited number of cars
    Wide blow from the street: large parking lot for cars and buses.
    Impact through the Szekler Gate opposite Rétföldi Street.
    Attention on the google map, the marking of the beginning of Wide Stroke Street and the monument is inaccurate!

    stkristofevent [AT] gmail [DOT] com


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