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Policy General rules

  • The apartment can be occupied between 14.00-18.00 on the day of arrival and must be vacated by 10.00h on the day of departure. This can be changed flexibly after prior consultation.
  • Please protect the equipment and the furnishings of the apartment and use them as intended! It is forbidden to take the furniture and equipment of the rooms out of the house!
  • In case of any damage upon departure, the guest is obliged to reimburse the resulting costs on the spot.
  • In every household, including apartments, something other than the guest's fault may go wrong. To avoid further damage, please notify us!
  • The apartments have a well-equipped kitchen where you can prepare simple meals. Please do not place metal objects in the microwave.
  • The rooms are taken over by the guests clean and tidy. We do not clean during their stay, only on special request, for a fee.
  • Please leave the kettle and grill clean after use!
  • Use of the playground and sandy beach volleyball court is at your own risk.
  • The pool and jacuzzi can be used seasonally, subject to separate policies.
  • Garbage is collected selectively, so please dispose of the waste at the appropriate location.
  • When leaving the apartment, always turn off the water, electricity, turn off the air conditioning, pull in and secure the pool and jacuzzi cover, and wrap the umbrellas!
  • Only registered guests can stay at the property, please inform the guest in advance.
  • Pets and pets are not allowed in the accommodation.
  • WiFi is available free of charge in the accommodation, the QR code placed in the apartments helps to establish the connection.
  • We use an online guestbook on the website, we ask our guests to fill in this per guest in accordance with the electronic data provision requirements prescribed by the National Tourist Information Center (NTAK) and to determine the tourist tax (IFA), even before arrival! QR code in the apartments helps to open the online guestbook.
  • There are 6 cameras in the apartment area - which perform image recording and storage - for the personal and property safety of the Guests. Camera surveillance is indicated by a pictogram and a warning text. The purpose of camera surveillance is the protection of property, ie devices representing significant values and the personal values of the Guests, given that the detection of violations, the perpetrator's actions, the prevention of these violations are not otherwise possible or cannot be proved by other methods. The legal basis for this data processing is your voluntary consent. If you enter the monitored area of the Fullhouse Apartment House despite the warning, your consent to the taking of the picture will be deemed to have been given. Please do not log in if you do not wish to contribute. The camera system operates on a closed-circuit network with 7/24 hours, ie continuous operation, and the storage time of the recorded image is 48 hours. You can request more information about the data management related to the camera system when booking the accommodation.
  • If possible, please close the entrance gate, the current traffic rules apply in the accommodation area. The speed limit is 5 km / h. When entering, observe the sign above the entrance gate, accordingly the height limit is 2.6 m. Parking is prohibited in the area between the two apartment houses!
  • Smoking and the use of open flames inside the building are strictly FORBIDDEN! We respectfully ask our smoking guests not to scatter the butts in the parking lot and in the whole area of the apartment house in order to maintain cleanliness, but to collect them in the trash.
  • The total booking fee is the number of days booked in advance. In the event that their stay here is terminated first, we will not be able to refund you.
  • In view of the silence decree and our neighbors, please avoid noisy activity!
  • It is forbidden to operate any sound equipment (eg loudspeaker) outdoors!

  • The hotel reserves the right not to accept scandalous guests who do not comply with the policy or to call them to leave the accommodation immediately.
  • Our apartments are self-catering, we cannot provide meals. Commonly available: toilet paper, liquid soap, dishwashing liquid, dish sponge, kitchen towel, dishwasher tablet, basic spices, nespresso coffee machine (capsule available separately), hair dryer, iron, bed linen, towels, bathroom towels, exit, dryer. You will meet your needs during your stay here.
  • Prior to booking, the Guest has read, understood and accepted the policy.

Have a nice time!

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