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House Rules Pool rules

Everyone can use the pool at their own risk !!!
Heated pool seasonal operation period:

- 1 May - 30 September - Free.

- 1 October to 30 April - out of service.

• The pool is heated and cooled by a heat pump system ( 31-32 ° C) which keeps the water at the set temperature. The retractable pool cover needs to be pulled on when not in use to prevent heat loss and dirt from entering the water.

• Only use pools that are filled to the operating water level (skimmer) and operate with a continuous overflow.

• The water level in the pool is 1.3 m.

• It is forbidden to jump into the pool for the safety of our guests' physical safety!

• To protect the health and physical integrity of people using the pool, the pool should not be used by a person under the influence of drugs, drugs or intoxicants.

• Children under the age of 6 and under the age of 14 who are unable to swim should only use the pool under adult supervision. • Before using the pool, it is mandatory to use the outdoor shower with a hot and cold water solar system.

• Do not use soap or other cosmetics in the pool.

• Do not eat or drink in the pool.

• It is forbidden to bring any contaminants into the pool.

• No smoking in the pool area.

• In the pool area, food waste, paper and rubbish should only be disposed of in waste containers.

• It is forbidden to bring animals into the pool.

• The use of a swimsuit is also mandatory for children.

• Do not bathe in thunderstorms.

• Always cool your body before jumping into the water.

Have a nice time!




We hereby inform you that in accordance with applicable laws* as of 1st September 2021, the personal data required by law of every guest procuring accommodation services in Hungary shall be recorded in the accommodation operating software, through a document reader, and be transmitted to a storage space, the Guest Information Closed Database (VIZA in Hungarian).

Data to be recorded:

  • first and last name;
  • first and last name at birth;
  • place of birth;
  • date of birth;
  • biological sex of the guest;
  • nationality;
  • mother’s maiden first and last name (if it is on the identification document);
  • identification data of personal identification document or travel document;
  • in case of third-country nationals** number of visa or residence permit, and date and place of entry to Hungary

For the purposes of data recording, guests using the accommodation service shall present their personal ID card, driver’s license or travel documents suitable for verifying their identity to the accommodation service provider. Accommodation service providers shall deny the provision of the accommodation service in the absence of presentation of the document. Pursuant to authorisation by law, accommodation service providers are entitled to ask for the personal identification document of the guests and guests must comply with this request.

Please plan your travel and arrival in accordance with the above! Thank you for your kind co-operation!


    • Act 156 of 2016 on the responsibilities of the state regarding development of touristic regions;
    • Decree 235/2019 (X. 15.) on the implementation of the act on the responsibilities of the state regarding development of touristic regions;
    • Decree 414/2015 (XII.23.) on the issuance of ID card and on the uniform image and signature recording rules.

** third-country national: persons as set out by Act 2 of 2007 on the admission and right of residence of third-country nationals

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