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House Rules Jacuzzi Rules

• Jacuzzi seasonal operation period:

- September 15 - April 30 - free.

- May 1 - September 15 - out of operation (during this period our heated pool is available to our guests).

- if required, we can install the jacuzzi during the out-of- hours period for a fee of 15 € (5000 HUF) / day , which our guests can indicate by selecting extra services during the booking.
- we can only install the jacuzzi for the entire stay.

Jacuzzi with chlorine disinfection, Hungarian Wellis Palermo massage pool with external sand filtration system, complying with ÁNTSZ regulations and operating, with light therapy, two reclining and three seats.

The jacuzzi is not for bathing, but for relaxation and massage. Before use, a thorough shower is mandatory , thus reducing the entry of foreign substances and other contaminants into the water area of the pool.

Only wear clean swimwear in the pool.

Max. 5 people can stay, (2 lying and 3 seats), thus ensuring the preservation of water quality.

Children should only use the pool under the careful supervision of adults! Children should not use the pool if the water temperature exceeds 37 ̊C!

As prolonged bathing in water with a temperature above 38 ° C can be harmful to health, we recommend that small children and those who are sensitive to warm water use the pool at a lower temperature and for a shorter time!

Do not allow the child to immerse his head in water!

Do not use the pool with body parts and hair protection removed. Do not sit in front of or above the water filter opening, as this may impede water circulation and cause personal injury.

Do not operate massage pumps with completely closed nozzles!

When the pool is not in use, the safety thermo roof must always be installed and closed!

Pregnant women, people undergoing medical treatment or people with circulatory complaints should seek medical advice before using the pool.

Be careful when getting on and off! Turn off the massage features before you get in to see where you are going! Do not use electrical equipment (such as lamps, hair dryers, radios, televisions) within 1.5 meters of the pool (with the exception of appliances using 12 volts or less)

This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance by a person responsible for their use. for their safety!

To avoid loss of consciousness and possible suffocation, do not use drugs or drink alcohol before and during bathing.

DO NOT bring food or drink into the pool!

If the pool water needs to be changed due to improper use (eg spilled drink, spilled food, too many people using it at the same time, bathing in dirty, sandy clothes, using sunscreen…, etc.), the costs must be reimbursed to the Guests. The fee for this: HUF 10,000

Have a nice time!

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