8621 Zamárdi, Rétföldi utca 11.
+36 30 2394 572
fullhouse [AT] fullhouseapartman [DOT] hu

Go-kart track:

The most beautiful, high-quality GOKART track in the Balaton Region in ZAMÁRDI is 500 m to the right of the Zamárdi exit of the M7 motorway.
Powered by 10 270 cm3 Honda engines, it was extended to 550 meters in 2006, with an interesting line, inclined bend, non-flat terrain. Lap time measurement by highlighting the best lap at the end.
It can be tracked throughout the race for both competitors and spectators on a large electric DISPLAY and two monitors. At the end of the race, everyone will receive their own and their competitors' results in printed form - broken down by lap.
Exclusive landscaped environment 800 m from the shore of Lake Balaton.
Free parking for more than 100 cars next to the track.
We also have a children's go-kart, which can be used from the age of 7-8, from a minimum height of 130 cm.
Go-karts may only be used by persons under 120 kg.
It is strictly FORBIDDEN to use the course under the influence of alcohol or other mind-altering substances!

The track
-Length: 550 meters;
-number of turns: 10 (6 left, 4 right);
-the majority of bends are of inclined construction;
-high quality of asphalt;
-is completely surrounded by a rubber wall;
-Security is guaranteed by two main permanent monitors.


Go-kart track:

- Behind the adventure park in Zamárdi.
- Take the M7 motorway to the 112 km exit

+ 36 30-9-460-868

forgo [AT] zamardiring [DOT] hu


GPS coordinates:
46.885094, 17.973939

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