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XXIII. Balatonkör 07-08 May 2022 Zamárdi

2022 Balatonkörös program

The planned program of the Balatonkör Sports Association in 2022 is as follows:

XXIII. Balatonkör 07-08 May 2022 Zamárdi

Iccakai Kiskör July 09, 2022 Siófok

Those interested can also complete the Virtual Balaton Circle .

The online registration for Balatonkör has started!

A XXIII. The date of the Balatonkör tours in 2022:
  • On May 7, 2022, we will hold the 206 km Balatonkör
  • The 76 km Small Circle (and of course the second day of the Shock Circle) and the 25 km Family Circle will take place on May 08, 2022
If, due to restrictions due to the viral situation, Annex XXIII cannot be maintained. Balatonkört on May 07-08. then the date of the deferred Balatonkör is 17-18 September 2022. will be.

You will find all the information in Balatonkör Sportegyesület

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