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Siófok - Töreki tanösvény

The quiet valley next to the Töreki tanösvény part of the city was declared protected in 1994. In addition to preserving natural values and a charming landscape, it is an important goal to provide a suitable environment for visitors wishing to hike or relax. The study trail showcases the wildlife of lakes, wetlands, various forests and meadows, and the bird-watching tower gives a glimpse into the life of the rich birdlife. The length of the study trail is 8.5 km, the longest hiking trail is 14 km, but shorter walks are also possible. Along the study trail, several rest areas have been set up, where the visitor will find benches, a rain house, fire pits and rubbish disposal facilities.


Siófok Töreki lakes educational trail. Through a 9 km study trail, you can discover the unique flora and fauna of the Töreki Lakes with the help of information boards and a birdwatcher built in 2006. There is also a children’s playground, a fireplace and two rest areas on the route. GPS:…… How to get there: From the main road 7 between Siófok and Balatonszéplak (116 km) we turn towards Siófok-Törek, and behind the gas station we can already find the first stop of the study trail. The start of the study trail is located between the 116 and 117 km section of the main road 7, behind the AVANTI petrol station.
Töreki is located next to artificially dammed lakes in the bed of the Cinege stream, in a beautiful nature reserve. The valley of the Cinege stream is the successor of the water network consisting of the typical Transdanubian parallel valleys from the times before the formation of Lake Balaton. Quartz, red sandstone and dolomite gravel deposited from the Balaton Uplands can be found on the valley sides and on the valley floor. After the ice age, due to the sediment-forming and surface-forming effect of the stream and Lake Balaton, there are many types of geographical-ecological areas. Thus, we find in the valley the forest and field soils belonging to the forested steppe zone, the ecological characteristics of the floodplain, marsh and meadow. The fauna of the area is also extremely diverse, including many protected species. 1. Cinege resting place: the Cinege resting place is located 200m from the source of the Cinege stream, accessible on the study trail or on a dirt road by car, bicycle, horseback. The lounge has bacon grills, tables, a covered lounge and a toilet. In its spacious, grassy areas, larger groups or several smaller groups of friends and families can spend their free time undisturbed. 2. Tit spring 3. 250-year-old forest pine 4. Swallow shore: several meters thick loess was deposited on the sedimentary soil of the Pannonian period during the cold dry climate of the ice age. Loess is an extremely fine powder, characterized by erosion or mining in a vertical wall. In such a steep wall, the bee and the coastal swallow, which often form a colony with it, nest. 5. Lakeside resting place: the Lakeside resting place is located halfway between the main road 7 and the village of Törek. There is a covered lounge, a bacon grill, a children’s playground and a huge grassy area. With parking for about 30 cars, it is a popular excursion destination for nearby schools, kindergartens, groups of friends and families.

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